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Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No 18, Spring 2015

Public attitudes towards people living in poverty have hardened in recent years. In the edition of SAPR we look at why this is the case and what can be done to challenge stigmatising attitudes to poverty more>

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No 17, Winter 2014/15

With the prospect of the Scottish Parliament recieving more, this edition of SAPR considers how those new powers should be used to address poverty. more> 

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No 16, Autumn 2014

This edition looks at the consequences and causes of the growth in food bank use in Scotland. We also consider the evidence emerging from Canada on the increased use of food banks >more

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No 15, Winter 2012

Women remain at significant risk of poverty, whether in or out of work. This edition of SAPR looks at some of the causes and consequences of poverty for women in Scotland (December 2012) >more

Scottish Anti Poverty Review No.14, Winter 2011
The latest edition of Scottish Anti-Poverty review looks at the issue of 'assets' and the fight against poverty. How can individual and community assets be best used to make an impact on poverty. (December 2011)

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No 13 Spring/Summer 2011
As governments across Europe implement austerity measures, this edition of SAPR looks at the impact of these measures on people living in poverty.

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No12 - Autumn Winter 2010
The latest edition of the Review focuses on issues of environmental sustainability and poverty, and asks the question: is sustainability possible in a recession?

Scottish Anti Poverty Review No.11, Spring - Summer 2010
The latest issue of the SAPR is an election special edition, containing articles from three leading think tanks on what they believe the prospects are for combating poverty after the election

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review, Winter 2009
The latest edition of the Scottish Anti-Poverty Review contains articles on the links between poverty and ill health and how these can be broken.

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No.9
The relaunch edition of SAPR was published in Spring 2009. It contains articles looking at how to fight poverty during the recession

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No. 8
First published in the winter of 2007, this edition looks at the implications of the new SNP Government for the fight against poverty in Scotland

Scottish Anti-Poverty Review No. 7
First published in the summer of 2007, this edition looks at the relationship between diet, poverty and health inequalities

Scottish Anti Poverty Review No. 6
First published in the Spring 2007. The edition contains coverage of the Scottish Parliament elections

Scottish Anti Poverty Review No 5
First Published Winter 2006. Contains articles on the theme of fuel poverty


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